Ways you can make money from your travels!

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Travel can be an expensive habit, but there are numerous ways you can profit from your travels.

1. Rent out your house.

You might live in a 4 bedroom house at home but when you travel you’ll likely have a much smaller living space. Unless you’re travelling to the world’s most expensive cities, then this is often going to create an opportunity to profit. If you’ve got a nice place, you might consider renting it out at short-term rates on Airbnb or as corporate housing.

2. Sell your travel photos.

Now photography can be an even more expensive hobby than travel itself, due to all the gear and special lens. However selling your travel photos is an option to at least pay back some of that gear cost. Don’t expect to make a fortune from this but if you’re a really great photographer and know how to network, you should be able to sell some photo packages every now and again.

3. Import/export.

Lots of people have dreams of going to India or other countries, finding awesome handcrafts and exporting them for sale in their home country. Now, for most people this is going to end up being a pie in the sky thought, however some people actually figure out ways to turn this type of dream into a reality.

4. Lead tours.

There are a few travel bloggers who also work as tour leaders. There are others who’ve worked on cruise ships, or in various other capacities in the travel industry. Specialty and high end tours are likely to be the most lucrative. If you’re an extrovert and have amazing organizational and social skills, then leading tours might be an awesome fit for you. If you’re someone who lovings travelling with a group this is more likely a good option for you than if you’re more of a loner.

5. Buying property.

We’ve always been huge fans of TV shows like “House Hunters International”, although we’re aware they’re pretty fake and unrealistic. Buying overseas property to use as a business (e.g., setting up a hostel or boutique hotel) sounds like a look of hard work, and complicated due to all the regulatory issues. However, buying personal property as a rental is another option, especially if you’ve got experience buying and selling property in your home country. At the very least it’s fun too look. Make sure you don’t confuse business and pleasure. The house you want to use as a holiday home is unlikely to be the best possible investment e.g., maybe you prefer to rent a condo but a house is the best investment, or vice versa. If something is truly an investment, then being able to use it personally shouldn’t be in the ROI (return on investment) equation. If you’re priced out of your home property market, you might find a cheap overseas market. Prepare to pay cash for it in most instances since overseas mortgages aren’t usually an option.

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