What hotel rooms and minimalism have in common.

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1. One of the reasons staying at a hotel can feel so good is because a hotel only has exactly what you need, and doesn’t have extras. Ok, except for the ridiculous number of pillows!

2. In a hotel room, everything has a predictable place. Even if you’ve never stayed at a particular hotel before, chances are you’ll have an idea where to find a piece of paper and pen, an extra blanket, or a phone book. It’s usually so much easier to find a paper and and pen at a hotel than at home! Everything is in it’s logical place, exactly where you need it.

3. Everything works in a hotel room, or at least it should. At home, you might not get around to fixing a sticky lock or getting new batteries for your remote. In a hotel, things are either working or you can get them taken care of straight away.

4. There’s spare room. In a hotel you’re not going to fill every draw or hang something in every hanger. There is free space rather than spaces being jam packed.

5.  There is one of most things. At home, people usually end up with 3 pairs of scissors, extra chairs no one sits on etc.

6. Hotels are usually dust free. Minimalist homes are more likely to be dust-free because there is space to dust without lifting a million things up. Garbage is also taken care of daily in hotels, whereas trash can easily creep into homes.

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