Life in multi-cultural Britain

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These days Britain is a culturally diverse melting post of different nations and ways, which has enhanced daily life, enabling youngsters to grow up surrounded by different cultures, religions, and diversity. This is no bad thing, in fact if anything, this is shaping the future to be more open-minded and well-rounded.

This is probably the most evident in cities around Britain. If you head into a small town or village, you will probably not find much in the way of different nations calling the place their home, however in large cities, you can find countless different nationalities, each adding their own bit of home to the place they’re living.

Consider London for instance, within any particular region of this sprawling city, you will find people from all corners of the globe, and even the Notting Hill Carnival, a huge worldwide phenomenon and an important part of London heritage, grew out of Caribbean roots and traditions, right in the heart of the English capital!

This influx of culture has certainly changed daily life in Britain.

Having different languages floating around the air makes it easier to pick up a few words of a different lingo, which has always been one of the main problems of being a native English speaker. Obviously this isn’t true of everyone, but Brits find it notoriously difficult to learn a new language, or seem reluctant to do so, simply because there isn’t a huge need, with English being so widely spoken. Having different languages spoken directly, it’s easier to learn, and this is why our children are finding it easier to speak several languages.

With new and exotic nationalities, comes new and exotic cuisine! A look down any high street will show you countless different types of restaurants, including Indian, Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Caribbean, Brazilian, Mexican, right next to traditional British fish and chip shops and kebab places. What does this do? It opens up our palates to tasting different flavours and dishes, which is never a bad thing.

Being more religiously aware
We’ve mentioned about an influx of many different residents from different countries and how it is a good thing for our new generations growing up, and this is probably where it is most important – religion. If children can be educated about different religions and how it’s important to be tolerant and open-minded about different faiths and customs, then this stands us in good stead for the future, breaking down barriers.

We realise the world is a small place
Once upon a time, you never met anyone from a different country unless you travelled to that particular place, but living next door to someone who hails from the other side of the planet makes you realise how small the world really is, and if this encourages more people to travel and see the amazing sights around the globe, how can that be a bad thing?

A visitor to Britain these days will find a bustling, busy, diverse, cultural, and very different Britain to what would have been found a few years ago. Whilst this may have its naysayers, there are some very positive sides to it, and it certainly opens up the world.

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