What do frugality and travel have in common?

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There are lots of ways you can travel while still living a frugal lifestyle.  People often thing of travel as lavish but the idea of being a wanderer and not being too tied to expensive possessions is very consistent with being frugal.  Here are some of the associations between travel and frugality.

– Camping, the ultimate in frugal simplicity.

– Travel paid for through credit card sign up bonuses, available to those who manage their spending well, and therefore have good credit.

– Home swapping and housesitting minimize wasted resources i.e., houses being vacant.

– Staycationing as an every weekend activity. Taking time to relax and enjoy the parks and museums in your own city vs. always filling up your schedule with work or other obligations.

– Hyper local staycationing. Enjoy the culture of your neighborhood. Paying careful attention to the human and creative energy of your own neighborhood, just you’d notice the creative energy of neighborhoods when traveling.

– Enjoying your home and keeping it minimalist, like a hotel room.  Hotel rooms are calming partly because they don’t have all the junk and clutter your home does!

– Even luxury travel is focused on slowing down and enjoying the simple things like a comfortable bed, good food, rest (e.g., on a plane), smiling service and human connection.

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