Five ways to live like a local in Britain

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If you’re spending an extended amount of time in a new country and you truly want to experience the place then it makes perfect sense to throw yourself wholeheartedly into the local way of life. To different people this means different things i it may be learning a few words of the local language, making friends, finding a job, or travelling around that particular country and visiting famous sights. Having said that, every single country in the world has signature experiences that every visitor who is staying for a prolonged period of time must have.

Commute like a local

Getting from home to work via public transport is a rite of passage in Britain, and whether that means London’s Metro system, the local bus, or a train, commuting is an experience every long-stay visitor must have, as is getting lost and finding yourself again.

Eat like a Brit

British food is famous the world over, although it’s most famous exports aren’t that healthy! To live like a Brit you must get down with fish & chips at the weekend, especially when you go to the coast, or seaside, and you must religiously have a Sunday roast, preferably roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, whether you’re anywhere near Yorkshire or not. This is just the law … or something like that. If you feel like a different take-out to fish and chips you can always enjoy a traditional British “import’ – the ever popular curry!

Understand that soap operas and football are extremely important

The weekend’s TV will form conversations on Monday morning in the office, or on the train, so those wishing to live in Britain must be up to date on who went out of the X Factor on Saturday, who scored that amazing goal in Sunday’s Premiership match, and under what circumstances Nick Cotton has returned to Eastenders, which is easy to catch up on in the Sunday omnibus. Don’t underestimate how important this is in terms of fitting into the following week’s conversations!

Be at one with the weather

The weather is a constant source of annoyance or happiness for anyone either British, or anyone living in Britain. Brits are famous for moaning about the weather, it’s either too hot, or too cold, it’s never just right. If you want to start a conversation, the weather is always the best go-to subject, after X Factor of course. You will be subjected to plentiful grey skies and rain, however a sunny, blue sky English summer day is something to behold, and as soon as the weather forecasts such conditions, grab the nearest picnic basket, find a park, and locate yourself there for the rest of the day. 

Drinking culture

Living in Britain will leave you under no illusions that the weekend is party time, and whilst this is something you should embrace, always remember the moderation rule. If you decide to work during your time in the UK, you will no doubt find yourself in the ‘drinks after work’ situation that often leads to several pints or a few glasses of wine. You should go with this – it’s how many a friendship is formed.

These are just a few tips to show you the ways you can integrate into modern British life easily. Whilst these ideas might seem trivial in some ways, they’re the crux of how to meet people, and the iconic things that make living in Britain so good. Yes, there are downsides, just like there are anywhere in the world, but overall, life in Britain will certainly put a smile on your face, whether you understand the humour or not!

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