Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a city with many attractions that make it a great place to visit and spend time in. It’s a huge city – one of the largest in South America, and there’s no end to the variety of activities and sights available for any visitors to this great city. 

What to see and do

Here are just a few of the places and activities waiting to be discovered and enjoyed to the fullest in Buenos Aires.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madera is a historically famous port in Buenos Aires that many people love to stroll around in the evenings. The surrounding area comes alive as people head for the excellent steak and seafood restaurants.

La Viruta

As should be expected in the country that invented the world’s sexiest dance, the tango, there are opportunities to dance the night away. La Viruta is just one popular entertainment venue that offers tango instruction to beginners early in the evening. Later on, it’s a hive of activity with professional dancers in full swing.

Buenos Aires Free Tour

For anyone interested in getting to know the city, Buenos Aires Free Tour offers guided walking tours lasting just over a couple of hours with commentary in English. There are a few different tours available, so there’s nothing to stop you taking all of them. It’s a great way to get to know the city.

Jardín Zoológico

If visiting with kids, this large and well-managed zoo set in spacious parkland with lake is a great place to take them. It’s a fun day out for kids and adults.


There’s no shortage of accommodation in Buenos Aires. At the top end of the range, there are 5-star hotels offering every kind of luxury, while at the lower end there are many cheap and cheerful hostels. Occupying the middle ground, and the most popular of all the options, are the mid-range boutique and budget hotels. Safe, clean and friendly, they offer good facilities and service at reasonable prices.

Getting around

There are several options for getting around Buenos Aires. These include buses, taxis and the ‘subte’ – the underground rail system. Route maps are available for buses and the subte, but try to avoid rush hour travelling, especially in the subte as it gets very hot and crowded. You can also hire a car in Buenos Aires if you’re feeling adventurous, but make sure you have insurance coverage in this busy and bustling city.

When to go

If warm weather is an important factor in your travel plans, then keep in mind that, being in the southern hemisphere, Winter lasts from May until September. It can get quite chilly during those months, but snow in Buenos Aires is very rare.

 Buenos Aires is such a vibrant and endlessly fascinating city to visit and explore that you can be sure to fill every day with new experiences. Boredom is simply not an option here.

Image by Michael Pereckas under Creative Commons license.

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